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Fresh Paint Magazine 
International independent bimonthly art magazine
Issue 15 2016
Profile on Ambrosine Allen
Curated Selection for the International Issue 15, October 2016
Selection by Jemma Hickman, Director and Founder Bo-Lee Gallery, London.
Flaunt Magazine
Spring 2013



The Artist Discusses Her Creative Process, Evolution, and Evoking Conversations Between Landscapes


Ambrosine Allen’s work is at once classical and modern and comprises both fantasy and reality. Her collages of alternative landscapes evoke endless possibilities and inspire the imagination. An artist who finds herself drawn into the creative process as one collage inspires another in a series of works, Allen produces art that verges on “world making” as each unpopulated landscape creates a different story. One minor change in the composition can produce a whole new weather system, for example, and the relationships between mountains and swaths of land are played out with a limitless creative drive to explore them.


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Spring/Summer 2012



The Origiinal 'Young British Artists' are twice the age they were in '88. Allow us to Introduce Generation Next.

Emma Crichton-Miller 


Stumbling without Introduction upon Ambrosine Allen,s remarkable drawings and paper colages of imaginary landscapes, you might be forgiven for thinking that these had been created by some bookish 18th century artist, obsessed with Gulliverian travels to unknown lands, and had been allowed to lie forgotten in an archive somewhere. The work actually arises from a very contemporary fascination with constructed fantasy worlds.



Ideas, Facts and Fictions

What Remains - A Homage to the Enduring

With Contributions by Han Ulrich Obrist, Doris Leuthard, Katja Gentinetts, Han J. Markowitsch and Heinrich Steinfest


No.71-  February 2012

Published by Impact Press at the Centre for Fine Art Research in Bristol



Vast imaginary worlds built in collage from tiny paper cuttings.


Encountering Ambrosine’s work you are first met with an

epic vision. Upon closer inspection the medium reveals

itself, and the illusionary world created entirely from the

artist’s imagination is made all the more astounding. Taking

pages from discarded encyclopaedias and cutting them into

tiny pieces the collage is meticulously realised at the point of making, a process that can take many months to complete.


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